Cannot select current BSA number as primary

I was having issues with my Scoutbook Admin access, so I went into to double check everything in there. Now, I cannot log into Scoutbook at all.

I went into Manage Member ID and my old BSA number shows as my primary. I tried to click primary on the current BSA number, but it gives me an error (I think it’s because there is not a specific Council listed/noted for my current BSA number, it only shows N/A).

I’m not certain if I should delete my current BSA number and then readd it?

My BSA accounts were already linked.

@DeniseCollins I think this is fixed for you now - I used your current Den Leader MID

The issue might be that the dates of birth on the two BSA member numbers are very different. You might want to contact your local council about retiring the second one or correcting the DOB.

Many thanks, all looks good like it did a few months ago, thanks! Is there a way to add the Council to the other membership number? Or would I need to delete it and readd it? Or is it due to the DOB’s not matching?

@JenniferOlinger Good to know! The DOB on the current/primary BSA membership (12647718) is accurate - I bet that’s why I was having issues with my Troop Admin accesses the past 2-3 months…I just thought it was my browser…I finally had access and then it changed again. And then I was having some issues with my Pack access and saving things as a Den Leader.

I will reach out to them to confirm why there is the other membership number, I don’t remember when or why it changed - or if they just have to fix the DOB and it will be fine.

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