Cannot Start a New Merit Badge for newly transferred in scouts

Hi. Our Troop has 3 new scouts moving up from a local Pack. Their records on Scoutbook were successfully transferred into to Troop a few days ago. I can see their names in our Troop’s Scoutbook now. They want to sign up for a Merit Badge this summer. However, I could not not “start a new merit badge” for any of them on Scoutbook. When I click on “Start a New Merit Badge” box, I was taken to My Dashboard page instead of the page that shows the list of Merit Badges. I don’t have this problem with other scouts in the Troop. Does anyone else have this issue with newly transferred in cub scouts? This is the first time that we transfer webelos scouts into our troop by doing the on-line approach. In previous years, we submit the paper applications to the District Executive and wait a 1-2 weeks for the new scouts’ records showing up on the troop roster. Thanks. Lam

@LAMPHAM - can you go to each scout record in scoutbook and click on membership and if you have an entry for the pack you can put an end date. Now I will ask, was the transfer done in or just in scoutbook?

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Thanks Stephen. The transfer was done first on by the Member Manager. Then two days later, the transferring scouts’ names are shown under our Troop’s roster on Scoutbook.

You are right that after I put an end date on their membership under the Pack tab, the issue is resolved. I can start new Merit Badge for them now. Thanks a lot for the input. Lam

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