Cannot transfer two Scouts, same Pack to same troop

Morning –

I’m SM, trying to transfer to Cubs to my troop. Go into SB, Roster and “in-council transfer” – get punted to my.scouting and transfer page there. Enter all information and then:

“Transfer/Multiple transaction failed. Transfer/multiple is not allowed for this position.”

All of the searches for this issue go back to 2021, so don’t know if it’s topical.

what are the BSA #s (no names) and we can look for clues

13870682 and 136785055.

P436 to T828

Looks good to me - maybe have the pack or parents try @MarkPrice

Got it, Thank you. I’ll reach out to the parents.

5055 is connected to MOM right for her to do it - same for the other one @MarkPrice

It would be > My Applications - probably a sit behind them situation

That is a 100%… have done that before…

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