Cannot update Committee chair to accept and manage organization manager

The chartered org rep went in to try and allow me the committee chair to accept and manage the organization manager and he received an error stating he is not authorized to do so. Is this a technical error or are we doing this incorrectly?

@ShawnaKesler was the COR trying to make you COR Delegate?

Yes and he is receiving the same error message that I received. That he is not authorized to do so

I have never tried to make a K3 a delegate? @RonaldBlaisdell thoughts?

Couple of questions:
(1) Does the COR show on your unit Roster in the Roster tool as your COR and is their registration still valid?
(2) when is your units’ recharter date?

He does still show as the COR and it’s still active. Our recharter due date is 12/20

What’s your cor’s member number (no names please)?

Okay, since your recharter period has started, then I suggest you contact your Council to have them override and enter the information for your unit.

The member number is 12980130

I don’t see anything on his account that’d prevent him using position manager. It shows he last logged in on Sept 28. Is that when he encountered issue? If more recent than that, he was logged into the wrong account.