Connection Manager - Unable to select "Full Control" for some registered adults

We often manipulate connections to scouts using the Connection Manager functionality in Scoutbook. This past week, I’m having difficulty updating some (not all) registered adults. Several options in the Connect Manager dialogue box are greyed out and not selectable, including “Full Control”, “Edit Advancement” and “Edit Profile” (anything that isn’t read-only). I’m unclear what’s preventing these updates, or if there is a new bug. I was able to utilize this feature without issue a couple weeks ago. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.

I know that there have been some functionality issues with Connection Manager reported recently, so I’m not quite sure if this is related to those. However, are the adults for whom you are trying to set permissions registered leaders? I’m not sure if you can provide anything more than “View” privileges to adults who are not registered leaders/parents of the particular scout.


Post the BSA Member ID (no names) of one of the adults you are having trouble with and we will investigate.

Yes, these are registered leaders. Below are a couple examples. Please note that I’m not seeing the same issue with all leaders, but I’m not identifying any unique characteristics for these users either. Thanks for the help!

BSA #:

I looked at these leader’s registrations and agree you should be able to set both of these leaders to connections above View. There is a known issue with Connection Manager that is being worked on which should correct the problem you see.

Thank you. I appreciate the confirmation.

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