Unable to set permissions for an adult leader

Trying to reset permissions for all scouts for an adult leader, but the option for “Edit Advancement” does not become selectable. Leader in question is our Unit Treasurer. Tried this with other leaders and seems that the permissions are not selectable for many leaders.


It sounds like the individual is not a registered leader in your unit. Post the BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

This is our Unit Treasurer’s info:
SB User ID: 9684154
BSA Member ID: 122590659

I don’t believe this is user specific.

If can only assign people View permissions, not Edit.
I cannot assign anyone any permissions if they have Full Control.

I am currently a Troop Admin, and have been able to do this frequently in the past.

Can easily replicate if you want to see it.

I am not understanding. If an adult has Full Control, then Full Control includes View and Edit.

Where are you trying to change permissions? Are you using the Connections Manager? Or something else?

Are you trying to change the permissions for parents of their own children? They cannot be downgraded from Full Control.

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I am trying to use the connection manager to edit an adult. I want to give a specific adult the Edit Information permission, but I am unable to.

And even if the person has full control, I am unable to change them to something lower.

That can be role-, functional-position, and/or registered-position dependent. For example, Unit Key 3 (registered roles), Key 3 Delegate (functional role assigned at my.scouting) and unit/subunit Admins (roles assigned in Scoutbook) will have Full Control permissions for the youth tied to that role/position. In addition, parent/guardians have irrevocable Full Control for their own youth.

Do the folks with Full Control you’re trying to edit fall into one of those bins?

You’re missing the point here.

I want to give my unit treasurer “Edit Information” by clicking on her name, but it is not available to be selected.

Is that not an option?


It appears your treasurer already has full control of all Scouts in the unit. This is the proper connection type for the treasurer.

This same thing is happening to me! I am Troop admin/Key 3 and I cannot make any adjustments except view for advancements/profiles. I cannot give an ASM full rights to new scouts. I have been doing this for a number of years, so this is something which is broken!


Does the ASM’s BSA Member ID in Scoutbook match the registered BSA Member ID? If you post it (no names) we can look.

No, they absolutely do not. I’m looking at it right now, and and nobody with Unit Treasurer has full control, nor am I able to give them full control or edit information.

Here are three of them…I have more:
Some of these ASMs have full control on the majority of our scouts, but the new scouts I cannot modify (1st and 3rd BSA ID numbers). The middle BSA ID number is a recent addition and I can’t give him full control on anyone.

Oh, and I have two troops which this is happening to, so this is a big issue with 100+ adults who I can’t give access to the 140+ scouts.

We are investigating a possible issue with Connection Manager.

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@edavignon - I see the same issue… can not grant a F/C only view and certainly not grant f/c for a unit scouter reserve on any scout.

Same issue here. I am the troop scoutbook admin and I cannot add Edit Advancement access for any of our leaders in the Connections Manager. The option is grayed out. It has been going on all week and I assumed it had to do with the system sync problem that was going on this week, but the yellow triangle symbols next to everyone on the roster are now gone and I still cannot properly connect our leaders.

@RobertBrodner There is a bug with the Connections Manager. We have reported it to the developers.

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FYI, I am able to go into each scout’s connections and set permissions there. A real pain after crossover though.