Unit has not used Scoutbook and local council is unable to assist


My unit has not used Scoutbook much at all in the past and I am trying to get them up with the times. All of the Scouts that were either registered prior to my involvement or at the same time I am able to enter advancement for, those who have now been registered even in my own Den I cannot enter anything. There are also several adults that are also listed that are no longer involved with the pack but are unable to remove them. Almost all the adult leaders on there have “Pending” next to their names. I have gone to my local council but none of the employees there know anything about Scoutbook or who to get me in touch with. I know this is all over the place but any assistance anyone can provide will be most helpful.


What’s your role in the unit? It kinda sounds like you might be a den leader. If so, get one of the Scoutbook Unit Admins (or Unit Key 3 or Key 3 Delegates) to reset your Den Leader and Den Admin roles in Scoutbook by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Roster → your name

Then select your Den Leader role, make sure to click approve, and save. Repeat for your Den Admin role(or create it if it’s missing).

That won’t connect you to scouts outside of your den, but how best to do that depends a bit on your role in the unit.

A Unit Admin or Key 3 member/delegate should be able to go in and put end dates on the “old” leader roles to drop them from Scoutbook. The admin/Key 3 should also be able to run Clean Old Connections to strip out prior adult connections from the youth.

ETA: This is an old post of mine that has some pointers to Scoutbook help wiki entries that might be good for getting started:

@ElliottBorneman It looks like you are a Pack Admin in Scoutbook.

The first thing I would check is to make sure that all of your Cub Scouts are assigned to a den in Scoutbook. Scoutbook uses the den type to know which requirements a Cub Scout is currently working on.

The best way to assign Cub Scouts to a den is to go to the den page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button. You can select one or multiple Scouts.


Hi Jennifer,

Before myself, none of the Scouts were assigned Dens so I have been working on this since I know it is important just for reports alone but I also feel that this Pack is just happy to have Scouts in it. There are some though that it is showing that I am not connected to in anyway and need another person say a “Big 3” to do so?

@ElliottBorneman I reset your Pack Admin role about an hour ago.

Are you still having issues with not being connected to some Cub Scouts in your pack?

Afternoon Charley,

It seems that either someone is playing around in roles or something is very glitchy on the backend. My roles in the Pack are Tiger Den leader and Unit Advancement Chair. Several times now I have been enabled as the Pack Admin but that role seems to have come and gone as that level of access was not there last week even when I went to the local council office on this past Thursday April 28. Seeing that this is also built on the MS SharePoint architecture not surprised its glitchy.

Thank you for the insight on “removing” past leaders, seeing that this year we will as well be loosing one of the “Big 3 leaders”?

Frankly I wish I could rebuild this pack as there are a lot of missing steps that are going to take a decent amount of time to catch up.

Thank you for that, no not anymore as it seems like I am able to access all of them, all of the other leaders are scared to do anything with Scoutbook but seeing that I work I.T. for a living I have been assigned the role of it, which in all honesty I do not mind at all. Even most active leaders have never logged into it and entered anything for their own packs and figured others would.

@ElliottBorneman Ask your Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) if they would be willing to add you as a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting. My.Scouting has the official Roster, so it would be helpful if you could access it and compare to the Scoutbook roster.


@JenniferOlinger is right that Key 3 Delegate is likely the most efficient role for you to get access to (nearly) everything except accepting new leader applications. I will say that as a K3D myself, there are often problems that others encounter which are invisible to me because of the superuser access.

Normally, as a Tiger DL you would be assigned Tiger Den Leader and Den Admin privileges, that would get you access to your den, your calendar and (as Den Admin) any scouts who are added to the den on an ongoing basis.

As Advancement Chair, I would normally recommend having one of the Key 3 assign the Unit Advancement Chair functional role in the Roster Manager at my.scouting, but the K3D supercedes those permissions, and sometimes having two functional roles interacts poorly.

I don’t believe this is built on SharePoint.

We have not had any role issues in our 3 units.

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