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Can't Access Scout

This may be a bit of a “slide to the side” but I need some help. Somehow I lost a scouts record access from the troop roster. It brings up his name but when I try to pull an advancement report it comes up and says I have no access to this record. The import function doesn’t quite seem to be what I need, since he has a number and record on file and he’s not transferring in. I must have ‘clicked’ where I wasn’t looking. I tried the help desk but it’s a slow process by email. I’m listed as Unit Admin, Advancement chair and Training chair so that’s not a problem. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


First, do you see the Scout’s last name or just last initial? If you only see his last initial, then you do not have a full control connection to the Scout. If this is the case, go to your troop roster, click on your name then on your Unit Admin position. Click Update without making any other changes. This sometimes fixes admin connection issues. Please let us know if this was the problem.

Since you say he is on the roster, is there a green shield next to his name? If not, click on his name then click on his memberships. Select his membership for the troop, turn on the approved check box then click update.

Apologies for the delay in responding.
I ended up calling the Help Desk in order to restore the link to the scout. Somewhere, somehow, I must have clicked on the wrong thing. The kind lady at the Help Desk was able to get me sorted out in just a few minutes. Sometimes it works a lot faster if they can actually see what you’re trying to describe. Once she could see where I was having trouble on both Scoutbook and My.scouting it only took a couple of minutes to fix. Thanks for the help!

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