Unable to add adult as leader

I’m trying to add an adult as a leader but I get the message “An error occurred and we were not able to create the adult account. Please contact Member Care.”

I find the correct person when I search for her and I’m able to select and then set the positions but I get that error when I submit. Any idea how to contact Member Care to check out this issue or any ideas how to check what is going wrong?

@AdamStout1 - is this adult listed on the my.scouting.org roster as a registered adult and did they fill out an adult app and CBC ?

It is actually my committee chair and she is showing up correctly on my.scouting.org as such with no special flags that I see. My account looks like hers there.

@AdamStout1 - the CC should already be on the leader roster in scoutbook.

What happens if she tries to log in at Scoutbook with her my.scouting credentials? As @Stephen_Hornak noted, registered scouters should automatically have a Scoutbook account set up. The login should – generally – be the same in both places.

Is your CC new as a registered scouter, or has she been registered in another role before?

She might have the wrong BSA member number set as primary at my.scouting (Manage Member ID).


@AdamStout1 I have set the correct BSA member ID number as primary and requested a position sync. She should be back on your roster in Scoutbook tomorrow.

I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to check her children and their user relationships (child / parent). It looks like her Scout with first initial S. is connected to her with the wrong BSA member number (her BSA member number is the wrong one there).

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