Duplicate Charter Organization Representatives in Scoutbook

Duplicate Charter Organization Representatives in Scoutbook have now appeared with the transfer of (name removed by Moderator) BSA Number 13358191 from another Troop to Troop 25B
Comment: Troop 25B 2023 recharter changed from Yorkshire UMC to New Birth of Freedom Council organization.
|First Name|Last Name|BSA Number|Unit Number|Positions (Tenure)|
|(name removed by Moderator) |133581951 |Troop 25 B |Chartered Organization Rep. (2d)|
|(name removed by Moderator) |10777846 |Troop 25 B |Chartered Organization Rep. (2m 2d)|

Can Troop 25B have two Charter Organization representatives? As a Troop Admin, I can end (name removed by Moderator) Charter Organization Rep function membership as optional notes show “AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert” versus a formal assignment. (name removed by Moderator) also is the COR for Pack 25, assigned by the New Birth of Freedom Council.

Which of them appears as COR in the official roster at my.scouting? You may need a unit Key 3 or Key 3 Delegate to check for you if you’re not in one of those roles.

FYI - Council DE and Registrar is investigating the issue.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your reply that you will work with Jessica Balmer to investigate why the transfer of (name removed by Moderator) pulled his old COR position when adding him to Troop 25B as a committee member.
Adding a “Date Ended” Update to the details of B.'s position will remove this from Scoutbook but may not change the official roster in MyScouting.org

FYI - Key 3 Scoutmaster reply to Scouting.discourse reply is:

"I just checked ScoutBook and MyScouting this morning and I can report both (*name removed by Moderator*) and 
(*removed by Moderator*) appear as Chartered Organization rep.

I had asked for (*removed by Moderator*) to be added only as a Committee member. 
(*removed by Moderator*), Troop 25 SM"

Pending your findings from the Council registrar’s viewpoint we can determine if further action from Charley Hamilton is needed.

Steve Coates 717-818-6789 (mobile)

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You can only have one person registered as the Chartered Organization Representative (COR).

There are 2 people currently registered as COR for this unit. You will need to work with the local council to get the registrations sorted out.


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