Can't add elective adventures to PO


I’m running into a problem building a PO for an upcoming Pack meeting. For the required adventures, I was able to add them with the “Enter Rank Req” option, and all works as expected. However you can not add specific elective adventures this way, so I added those using the “Enter Adventures” option. I don’t get any errors, but the items do not get added to the “need purchasing report.” I did click the “approved” button when adding, and in any case they are not on the “needs approval” report, or on the “needs awarding” report. The belt loops do not show up on the individual scouts’ profiles, so I don’t think they were added previously.

While the actual PO itself is not a huge problem (I can just ask for them separately at the shop), I like to use the option to print the Adventure Cards from PDF and I can’t see any way to make that work if I can’t add to a PO.

For example all of our Bears have earned Roaring Laughter, and our Webelos have earned Game Design. I can not get either of these added to a PO.

Any help is most appreciated.


@ShawnMoore - could you specify the exact steps you are taking to enter these items. Also, what is shown when you go to the scout record ?

@ShawnMoore Got to Den > Quick Entry > Adventures - you can achieve what you want there by entering the adventures as completed and approved

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Exact steps:

Log in to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Pack 7155 → Bear Den 5 → Quick Entry → Enter Adventures
Then I select Select Roaring Laughter from dropdown, and on the next page I select all requirements on the right, select all scouts on the bottom, enter a date, click the “Approved/Recorded” checkbox, then click Save. The normal “this may take several minutes” box appears followed by “Success.” So everything looks like it works, but still nothing shows up in the Needs Purchasing Report.

If I navigate directly to one of the Bear scouts in scoutbook, I see the other belt loops they’ve earned, but not the one I’m trying to add. Let me know if that’s what you mean by the “scout record” or if I should look someplace else.


This is what I am doing. See exact steps in my other reply.

this might be related to a bug introduced that should rollback tonight

Thanks. Any estimate on what time the rollback will happen?

middle of night - but it is just a guess

what is the BSA # of a Scout and an award you entered?

One example is BSA # 13944196 and the “Roaring Laughter” Bear elective adventure.

Can you record one by one? I cannot test - as bug is already out of test server

Going to the individual Scout’s profile in Scoutbook and adding it under Advancement seems to work - at least for the one scout I’ve tested it with so far.
It’s a lot more clicks, but this will work as a workaround for now. Let me know if there’s anything else you want me to test for bug investigation purposes.

you can just click percent and mark it off without marking requirements

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