Completed/Approved Adventure not showing on Purchase Report

All of my AOLs have completed their Duty to God in Action adventure independently with their families. It is marked completed and approved for all four. It shows up in all 4 Scouting History Reports. Only 1/4 of the Scouts is shown on the current Purchase Order. I am the only one who makes purchase orders and does all the buying of awards. How do I get the other 3 Scouts to show up on the purchase order? The awards are not on any previous purchase order and all previous purchase orders have been closed out. Since it is in all three Scout History Reports, should I just add it manually to the report?


Check the Scout’s records to see if the DTG adventure is marked Awarded. Anything awarded is omitted form the Needs Purchasing report as Awarded means the Scout has the award so it you do not need to purchase it.

If they are not marked awarded, check closed Purchase Orders. Once an award is on a purchase order, it will not be placed on a future purchase order.

In Scoutbook, go to your pack’s Needs Awarding Report.

Do you see a shopping basket to the right of Duty to God in Action? Do you see a PO# listed?

I see a shopping cart.

If you see a shopping cart, then it’s already on a Purchase Order (PO). The PO# should be listed right underneath similar to this:

Needs Awarding Report

Now I am remembering. There was a mix up last year and the Webelos den leader entered that the 3 scouts had earned the Webelos DTG and the AOL DTG adventures at the same time (which they hadn’t.) I had to go through and delete the AOL DTG adventure from the individual Scout records at that time. They must have been on that purchase order. I never purchased them because the Scouts had not earned them yet. I probably forgot to take it off that old purchase order (Probably just crossed it off manually.) What do I do now? Do I just add it manually to this purchase order? (We only have to show an advancement report to purchase rank badges.)

That what is do. It’s the simplest option.

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