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Can't add training

Using the Training Manager, I am unable to add training for four of my adult leaders who attended a Leave No Trace awareness seminar at summer camp. I can search for their individual records, and I can use the Search/Add dialog to enter the course date, but when I try to search for a Scouter by BSA ID or by name I get a message stating “You are not authorized to use this API.”

Should I not be able to add a training completion for my adult leaders as a Troop Committee Chair?
Note - I get the same result when I go in through my district, where I am a Key 3 Delegate.

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It seems to be a bug. I am getting the same error message.

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I concur. I successfully entered IOLS training for one of our ASMs 8 days ago. However, right now, I am unable to enter training for another of our ASMs who recently completed First Aid/CPR training. Same error message on both Firefox and Chrome, incognito/private browsing window or not.

I just logged in this morning, InPrivate Browsing window on MS Edge, and was able to add training without issue. I am an ACC.

I suggest trying it again today, and see if the error has not been fixed.

If it still exists, please PM me your BSA ID number, and My.Scouting username so I can have it looked at for you.

Thanks, Ron. Yesterday, I also added the Unit Training Chair functional role to see if that was the issue. Trying it today, the problem is still present.

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There doesn’t seem to be an option to initiate a PM, BTW.

Only the Admin’s can start a private message.

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Update - after @RonaldBlaisdell submitted a ticket, this is fixed for me.

I am having the same issue. In July I was able to enter training done over the summer by one of my ASMs at summer camp (Safety Afloat). Now I try to enter additional training today and I get “You are not authorized to use this API.”

I am Key 3 Delegate and Unit Training Chair (I confirmed in Organization Manager → Position Manager).

Any ideas?

@WilliamsburgScouter Assuming that you are not trying to add training for yourself, I think there is probably a bug. If you wait until tomorrow, the bug might resolve itself. If the bug doesn’t resolve itself, then we will probably need to report it.

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I have also shared that we had this error pop-up on Sunday with BSA IT.

@RonaldBlaisdell - I can confirm that I get that API warning as a k3 in my units when trying to add training to another leader. Thank you for reporting it. I suspect perhaps the new recharter may be in the way of the api.


And everything now works. Thanks!

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