Training Manager Error

We completed ILST training for our Troop this weekend for 14 Scouts. I was able to use the Training Manager to enter it into records for 13 of them and got their certificates. On the 14th one, I keep getting an error that “Logged-in user does not have access to this API”. He is on the Troop Roster. I am the registered CC and have Key 3 access to all Scouts. I have tried different browsers and clearing cache with no luck. Can someone please help get this corrected?

Scout: (name removed by Moderator), Member ID 137249451


you can try a hard refresh (SHIFT + Refresh page) - but probably talk to Council to turn in a ticket

Ok, thanks. Silly question, but how do we turn in a ticket to Council? Or just reach out to them directly and ask how?

Reach out to them for them to turn in a ticket with the data

@AKSeaScout Ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National on your behalf.

Include as much information as you can.