Can't Assign Den Leader - Search Not Finding Adult Leader

I have a den with no leader. I want to assign an existing leader. The existing leader is currently in the system and can login and has access. She has been den leader for other dens. When I go to assign the den leader and search for this adult leader, it cannot find her. It cannot find her by name, by e-mail, or BSA Member ID. The search finds no matches.

What is the BSA #? @NicholasFloersch

The BSA ID is 136937406 -

That person is not currently registered with the BSA - they would need to be registered to be a leader in Scoutbook


Then how are they a leader for other dens? And how can they login?

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 3.32.36 PM

That is a bug that DEV is cleaning up

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So are we saying she was registered (she has a BSA ID) but that it is no longer current or something? Is it just a matter of needing to pay a registration fee or something?

She last had a registered position 2019 - 4/12/2021 BSA locked down SB Leadership to just registered user - some got overlooked like this

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Note also that, in addition to the bug allowing non-registered adults to show as unit and subunit admins, anyone with an account (e.g. parents) can log in. What you’re seeing is a result of changes that were made to require that anyone listed on the “leader” roster in a unit be registered as a scouter with the BSA.

Having a BSA ID doesn’t necessarily mean someone is or was registered as a scouter. Parents who have an account at are assigned one, for example, whether or not they eventually register as a scouter.

The adult needs to submit an adult application. On it in the lower right corner, their existing BSA ID should be included to minimize the chances that they will receive a “new” Scoutbook account. They should ensure that their name, DOB and email in Scoutbook match what they put on the application, also to minimize the chance of ending up with a duplicate account.

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Can you clarify what registered means? Registered with BSA or with SB? Who would she need to re-register with? Or is it that the Pack needs to register her? Is that something I can fix as a pack admin?



By “registered”, we mean registered as an adult leader with the BSA.

The adult will need:

  • BSA adult application (can be done online in most cases or paper application)
  • membership fee (if applicable)
  • current YPT
  • criminal background check (CBC)

Some units, chartered organizations, and councils might have additional requirements.


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