Can't change parent email - getting "user already exists error."

I’ve seen this posted a few times already in forums. When I try to correct a misspelled email address, I get a “user already exists” error. Previous forum responses said to email support.

When I email support, I get a “mailbox full” message. What do I do?
The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly.

The user-facing support was closed down some time ago. To reach technical support, there are only two routes: via SUAC in these discussion groups or by asking your council to file a support ticket.

For this, if you post the BSA ID and/or Scoutbook User ID (no names or emails needed), SUAC can generally start looking into the issue. If they need more information (like names or emails), they can set up a private chat to obtain that from you.

You do not need your council to file a ticket. They have access to the tools to deal with this normally unless it involves a person who has multiple council registrations.


Thank you - is there a specific way to contact SUAC?

Please post the BSA member number or the Scoutbook user ID – we do not need names.

They are like Gandalf, they just show up when you need them the most!


BSA# 135433315
ID# 9368557

Thank you!

I thought that meant they arrived neither late nor early, but precisely when they mean to? :wink:


@Matt.Johnson - or more like The Doctor…and the tardis

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@SusanneVoss Her Scoutbook accounts have been merged. Please double-check the e-mail address to make sure that it’s correct.

It’s correct now - thank you so much!

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I cannot fix the capitalization of her middle name, but your local council might be able to. (She might also be able to change it herself by going to my.scouting → My Profile .)

I’ll need to try that on my wife

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@jacobfetzer Ha! :joy:

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@jacobfetzer - you know that ain’t gonna work… just sayin