Can't Connect or edit in scoutbooks

I am the committee chair and for some reason i can not connect to scouts, change leader roles or edit my own role. Example my self and the cubmaster use to be pack admins that role is missing and I can’t change or add those roles back. neither of us can connect to new scouts either.

We are both registered in our roles and scoutbooks has those roles assigned but we can’t access anyone.

I’m finding scoutbooks is getting harder and harder to use not easier. Any help would be appreciated.

@DavidLafko - what show for registered position in I think posting the related BSA ID’s may help tracking down the issues

I am listed as key three committiee chair and the other person is key three as cub master

For some reason our pack admin credentials where ended by the system

Now can’t seem to add them back in. Can you add us back in as pack admins

@DavidLafko - so shows your registered position and functional roles as being correct? On the scoutbook roster who is listed with the double keys… they can add back admin roles. I however can not. Lets see what the SUAC folks can come up with

I setup a positions sync that will run later today

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