Can't connect parent

I’m struggling with the known bug in searching for a parent. Trying to connect parent 14073930 to scout 140158416. Parent is connected to her son but doesn’t come up when I search to add her to her daughter. She isn’t in our unit so I can’t use the connections manager work around. I tried to have her add the connection herself in myscouting and she gets an error “oh no! We couldn’t connect to this scout”.

Any advice?

I would recommend contacting your local council. Ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the Scout. Ask them to look in the daughter’s “Relationships” section. If the mother is listed there, then she should be connected automatically to the daughter in Scoutbook.

At what point does the parent get the error message?

Is the parent able to find the Scout with the search?

From what I understand, the scout comes up in her search but when she clicks “connect” she gets the “oh no” error message.

@ElizabethHough - was this in

No, she is getting the error in myscouting.

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