Can't create repeating events in new calendar

Can’t create repeating events in new calendar.

Looks like an upload failed - DEVs have been informed

New calendar does not support BBCode formatting like the old calendar…So no way to include links, bold, etc.

Does not support blank lines or carriage returns…so wall of text is only supported formatting.

Location Map URL does not have a live link…so you have to copy paste it into a browser.

Well I think that has to be Google Maps - complained about that saying it needs to be defined that way

Parents cannot see invitees.

parent? could they in SB? as Admin hard to see parent view

That is what it says if you click on the blue pin. I haven’t personally tested it

I have a valid url. doesn’t show as a link.

It’s a google map URL?

yes. It is a valid url.

There is not way to add all scouts to an event.

There is no way to add all leaders to an event.

There is no way to add all parents to an event.

@JoeMcKinley simply click Select All

I don’t want to add all people to the event.

I want to add all SCOUTS to the event.

Parents cannot attend campouts, so they cannot be invited.

understood - good point - Noted

The documentation is a bit sparse on exactly how recurring events work. I was hoping to avoid fouling my unit calendar by playing with it too much in the newly-released state. Also, it sounds like it’s not working in production quite yet. :^)

If I have a recurring event (e.g. a troop meeting), but I want to list different things planned to occur at each instance of the event (i.e. different gathering activities, etc), is that possible using a recurring event? Or do I need to use the “Duplicate Event” option that I saw in the help wiki images? The latter seems analogous to how I’ve done things to date (i.e. using the Feature Assistant), but I wasn’t sure if that was the intent in the new calendar (i.e. that “recurring” events are truly identical with no differences between instances, but duplicated events start off similar to their template event, but can be modified).

I am clearly not the target audience for that UI/UX, as I wouldn’t have thought to click on the blue pin for help text. I’m more expecting a hover to generate help text than a click. I expect a click to execute something.

Missing an RSVP report. This is critical for managing outings.

Need to be able to visually distinguish between parents and leaders in the ‘add attendees’ user interface.

@CharleyHamilton I think descriptions are custom on recurring - BUT the recurring dropped of the Test server too so can not verify

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