Can't find known registered parents in the search

We are trying to migrate to scout book this year and I have been trying to get the parents of my pack signed up. I have several parents that have completed YTP and have scout book logins but when I search for them they don’t show up in the list. If I try to invite them it prompts them to create a new account. In doing so it creates a new bsa ID number that has no training attached to it. What am I doing wrong.

Joel - could you outline the steps you are taking and where you are doing this. The creation of BSA id numbers sounds like

On scout book click on one of the scouts in a den. Scroll down and click on connection. Click add+. Search for know registered parent and nothing shows up.

So then I go and invite the parent to connect to their child but it creates a new account with a new ID number.

Sorry if I am not explaining myself well


I recommend searching by the parent’s e-mail address instead of name.

Thanks that has worked for some but not all.

If the adult is already connected to the Scout as an adult leader, they will not appear in the search. In this case, click on the Scout’s connection page, select the parent/leader, turn on the Parent/Guardian check box and click Update.

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