Unable to find parent to add as a leader

I’ve been trying to find a parent using the search function so that I can add them as a leader for the Pack. Member ID is 13679593 and I’m not sure how to get them added when I can’t search and find them. Is there a trick to using the Search function? Thanks!

They first have to be officially registered (i.e show up in the official roster at my.scouting as a registered scouter). Then, they should automatically appear 24-48 hours later in Scoutbook.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the parent has been registered for 2+ years. The parent appears in Scoutbook as connected to the Scout, but when I go to Add a Leader, I get the error message that there is no record found. I’ve had similar issues searching for parents of other Wolf + Bear as well.

The member number you provided belongs to a youth. The parent of that scout has 7-9 member numbers and none of them are a registered leader (adult partner does not count).


@MicheleBunch - you can only have a leader if they have registered as such… adult app, YPT and CBC abd approved by the CO

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Yikes - how does that happen?

Moving a lot, multiple children, creating a new my.scouting account every time someone asks you to take YPT

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Thanks, likely the last option! Appreciate the help!

I don’t actually see the scout with a connection to you. So, I’m questioning whether I looked up the right person. Could you double check the member number and also provide the scoutbook user ID.

136379593 is the parent’s Member ID.
136379592 is the scout’s ID.

I’m trying to get the parent added as leader so that we can use Scoutbook for our committee communications (and overall pack communications). I thought he already had filled out the leader application but I’m going to check that against the roster we used during recharter.

That adult with the initials AJ is not registered


Also check vs. the roster at my.scouting.org. That would be the current/real roster that would take into account any charter misses.


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