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Can't Find MB Counselors

Thank you. I suspect something has changed and I can no longer add myself as a counselor…I’ll be calling my council on Friday.

@BrendaWinn - what Council are you in and for which merit badges ?

Heart of Virginia. Camping.

@BrendaWinn - here is what i found:


last upload 7/28

Can you go to your account in scoutbook > then my positions and look at that list. If you see the MBC role with blue check boxes then it is for sure in akela. If MBC is listed, click on that and make sre your listing pref is as you wish it to be.


We checked Akela. This is a council issue as Brenda’s MBC position has expired.

@edavignon - thanks… was not aware of that. Sorry to have detracted from the process.

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