Can't find my SB/IA account to connect to son

My son lives in another state most of the year and therefore is in a different pack than I am a Cubmaster for where I live. I attempted to get connected to his SB/IA via his scoutmaster, but they were unable to find my account and it now appears like my email has 2 accounts.

Ideally, I would like the 1 account and be able to login and still access my son, but then switch over to my Pack etc.

I’m not sure what/where went wrong in the system with my BSA # etc, but I seem to be non-existent in the database that trying to connect an existing SB account to a kid pings.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


The “parent search” function hasn’t been working for a while. If that’s the method they used, I’m not surprised it isn’t working correctly.

Did they try searching by your BSA ID number? That should find you, although they may have to do the search and add you as if they were adding a “new leader” in Scoutbook. Then, they can change your connection type to “Parent/Guardian” under your son’s connections, and end your leader role (so you don’t show up as a spurious scouter in their Scoutbook roster).

It might be a bit of a kludge, but I think it should get you where you’re trying to go (without being able to experiment with it myself, of course).


Oops. Missed this this first time I read through. It sounds like they “created” a parent account when the search function failed, instead of just stopping there. The SUAC folks should be able to help resolve the duplicate Scoutbook accounts thing (I think).

Thanks for the help Charley. I will have to get with the SUAC folks it appears.


This is fixed. Use the Google Login button and your Google ID to log in to Scoutbook and

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