Scout is no longer linked to Troop

My scout is no longer linked to his troop for some reason. Where do we go for help? Yes pur recharter processed a while ago with no issues.

What are the issues that you’re seeing that indicate your scout is no longer connected? Is the unit similarly seeing the scout as “missing” in Scoutbook, or do they see your scout in their Scoutbook roster?

I assume from your statement that the troop has already checked their roster and verified that he is on that roster. If not, they should similarly verify that he was correctly processed during the recharter and appears on the official roster.

Also, if you post your scout’s BSA ID (no name needed), the SUAC may be able to track down other information that isn’t visible to “regular” forum lurkers like me. :^)

Scout J. and Scout P. both appear to be connected to their troop.

What issues are you seeing?

See highlighted portion of attached screen shot. And on the Roster page the “sync” symbol is missing. Our advancement chair cannot approve advancements.
We have confirmed he is on the roster in my.scouting.

[Picture removed for youth privacy]

I would check the following data names to make sure there wasn’t an error in the system:

  • Match all parts of the scout’s name with the official roster at An initial in the middle name slot or a spelling error somewhere can cause a mismatch and creation of a new account.
  • Match the BSA ID numbers with the official roster

@HeatherBabish The Scout looks OK to me.

Try having a Troop Admin do this:

  1. Go to Scout’s Membership page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on the Scout’s current membership with troop / patrol.
  3. Un-approve the Scout’s Membership by unchecking the box next to "Position Approved’.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Wait about 30 seconds.
  6. Click on the Scout’s current membership with troop / patrol.
  7. Re-approve Scout’s membership by checking the box next to "Position Approved’.
  8. Click Update.
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Thank you, that worked!

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