Cannot Connect Scout to MBC

I am having issues connecting a scout to an MBC. The MBC is listed in scoutbook under the cooking MB, but when I attempt to send him an invitation, scoutbook cannot locate the counselor. I have tried by name and by email. Thanks for your help!


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I’m having the same issue with a couple of Scouts. Trying to connect them with a MBC that I’ve previously connected other Scouts with, using the exact same credentials. The MBC shows up in the list of counselors, but when I try to connect the Scout, I get the same bogus “no record found . . .” popup.

From some other postings, it seems like this has been an issue for some time now. Any idea when it’s going to be fixed?

Thank you very much Stephen for the prompt response. I’ll let them know.

Have a great day!

The developers are working aware and working to find the root cause. We are unable to predict when this issue will be resolved but it does have high priority.

Hopeful you can assist.
Due to recharter I added two scouts to scoutbook myself after waiting for months for their applications to be approved.
I ended the memberships I created in scoutbook today because the two youth have been given a BSA ID and are official in scoutbook.
That said, I am trying to add a connection to one of the scouts and when I search for his dad to add him it comes up that here is no one with that name/email, but when I add the connection manually it says the email is already in use.
I do believe I am the one that screwed this all up by adding the scout manually prior to council getting them into the system, but I hope you can help.

The youth scoutbook ID is 13056767
Mom’s member ID is 140166103 (that seems to be an OK connection)
If dad has an ID I am not sure where to find it.


There is still an issue with connection searches for parents. There are 2 workarounds.

  1. Have the parent log in to Scoutbook and go to their connections page. At the top is a link to connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian. The Scout’s BSA Mmember ID is needed.
  2. Ask your Council to add the parent on the relationships tab in their registrar tools. 24 hours later the parent will be added to the Scout in Scoutbook. This is preferred since it also updates Council records.

The parent was linked to the original profile i created , but i cannot get them linked to the profile Council created. I will email them to see if they can add the adult on their end.

If the parent is already connected to a Scout on your roster in Scoutbook, you can use connection manager to connect them to another Scout then go to that Scout’s connection page, select the parent and set the Parent/Guardian check box.

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