Can't link my son's account to mine

I’m fairly new to Scout Book. My son has an account. I’ve logged his stuff before. I only have 2 emails but when I try to log in, I only have access to my account as a parent and not my son’s account. Please help!

@KimLangridge Your son had 2 Scoutbook accounts, but I have merged them. Please log all the way out, then log back in again.

Please double-check your son’s date of birth, because they were different by one day.

If his date of birth needs to be corrected, please contact your local council and they can correct it.

But where does he log his requirements? I keep getting an error when I log into ScoutBook Plus. His dashboard looks exactly like mine.

@KimLangridge - is your son a boy scout or cub scout ? What do you see on the dashboard… perhaps some screen shots may help as I do not follow what your issue is.

He is a cub scout. When I go to the home page, this is what it looks like. When I click on My Training and “cub scouting,” it shows me the adult training courses. Not where I actually log his requirements.

@KimLangridge that is - advancement is at - and I would talk to pack before marking stuff I think


Is this currently down? I keep getting this error.

@KimLangridge - it is not down and I am currently in and looking at my pack. Are you able to log in as yourself ? It is not often that cub scouts have their own login.

Now the login button is completely grayed out and it won’t even allow me to hit “log in.”

Looks like it doesn’t like Chrome. When I used a different web browser, it worked.

@KimLangridge - i do not think it is chrome issue. I use it and firefox and never have problems. I suspect something in your chrome setup or add-ins.