Scout logs into Scoutbook and is stuck on a white loading screen

We have a Scout in our Troop that is trying to get into Scoutbook but when he logs in, he get’s a loading screen and can never get past it. He is able to login to without issue so we have confirmed his credentials are good.

Please advise.

I’d suggest using an incognito window

@DavidRoss5 Please post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names please), and we can take a look.

BSA ID is 127973626. The Scout was finally able to login today. He reported to me this afternoon that he can now login by entering his credentials and password (the same that he was trying to use prior to Friday) and not use the Google SSO login that he says he setup Saturday when I had him confirm he could get into his

I wish I could have seen it to get all the specific details of what happened, but he’s in now. I appreciate the help.

Don’t use Google/Apple SSO it causes problems,

I have been using my Apple ID to log in to and Scoutbook since the first day it was released and never had a problem. Blanket statements that something causes problems do not help fix issues. If you have seen problems, please report them so we can get them fixed.

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