Can't see global merit badge counselors in another council

I have several scouts that have worked remotely with Erin McCown-Foster on a number of Merit Badges. She offers great classes through BSA Merit Badge Zoom: Classes With Erin McCown Foster | Facebook.

She has started signing off Merit Badges in Scoutbook, so much better than blue cards for remote. She has this working for lots of scouts in other councils across the country.

Here’s the problem: I can’t find her in Scoutbook to assign her as the MBC for my scouts. She is in the Greater St. Louis Area Council and I’m in the Chief Seattle Council. She has the “Worldwide” visibility set on her MBC role. She just doesn’t come up. And it needs to be exactly “Erin McCown-Foster”, there are several others listed which I can see which are not her.

What’s weird is that I can’t seem to see ANY St. Louis council MBCs. If I do a search for First Aid, Citizenship in the Nation, Chess (knowing that is a thing in St. Louis), or any other badge, when I look for the closest MBCs to St Louis, the first hits are 100+ miles away in IL, KY, KS, and outside of St Louis in MO. It is hard to imagine there aren’t any “global” MBCs in St. Louis. It’s as if the St Louis Council isn’t there, from the Seattle Council’s perspective.

Is there some admin setting that is preventing our two councils from seeing one another?

Any other ideas welcome!

When I type that name into the connections search, only one shows up, and she’s in the St Louis area council.

Thanks for checking! And, I discovered a partial answer!

IMHO, there is a design flaw with “invite counselor” search that should be changed. If the MBC is already associated with the scout, then that person won’t show up in search results, and it won’t say why. It just appears that the MBC was not found, and that is what happened in my case. Here are the search results I was seeing:

At the very least, it should have an error message in red where the results would appear that says “Already connected to this adult”. Is there a place to make this feature request?

But that’s only a partial answer.

Why can’t I search for Erin in the MBC list?


no flaw - there is already a connection - it is logical

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@GregLindhorst - so just because you do not understand something does not implicitly mean it is a bug or issue

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With respect, I get that it is logical. An existing connection already exists and needs to be modified, rather than adding another connection.

The behavior is also confusing and frustrating for users, and not just for me. The experience could be clearer. All I’m asking for is a warning when this is happening. Or just list the existing connection as a search result and take the user to where the existing connection can be modified, rather than creating a new one. To behave act as if the person was not found leads the user to believe they have something else wrong.

And do we have any idea why Erin does not show up in the MBC list?

The Invite Counselor is a function of the Feature Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Without the extension the process is to go to MB Counselor Search on the unit page, get the name of an MBC then go to the Scout’s connection page to connect the Counselor to the Scout.

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