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Scoutbook not recognizing MBC as approved to work with Scouts worldwide

After the February 1st purge, Scoutbook no longer recognizes I and my fellow MBCs with whom I work, as approved to be an MBC for Scouts worldwide. When I go into “My Scouting Position” and click on the “Worldwide” option, I receive a message stating, “The Worldwide option is only available to council-approved merit badge counselors. Please contact your council.” I have done so and everything checks out in ScoutNet. What could possibly be the issue? What can be done? This is causing major problems for us. We are in Last Frontier Council.

That’s odd. I tried changing my visibility from District to Worldwide just now, and it went through fine.

When you look at the MBC position in My Positions, does it show:

  • Each of the badges with a blue checkmark next to it?
  • Anything in the optional notes when you click into the position itself?


This looks like a bug but I need to have the developers investigate.

Thank you for replying. Yes, all three of us have the blue check marks confirming our approved merit badges. In the optional notes at the bottom it says, “AkelaSBSyncUpdate.”

Thank you! I am having other issues with my account as well that could be affecting this, Hiwever, Anna Studstill and Michelle Hayes accounts are solid except for this issue.

Interesting. Mine shows a slightly different message in the Optional Notes field:


I don’t know if that helps SUAC/the developers diagnose the issue, or if the difference is even meaningful. It seems like it should be, to me, since the notes are different.

That looks very familiar! It may have been what was in that field before this issue began.

Correction: It’s AkelaSBDeltaSyncUpdate

My issue with MBC status started with the 9/25/20 update to Scoutbook, not necessarily the 2/1/21 update, but I no longer show as Merit Badge Counselor for one area. I called NEPA Council to discuss and was told I am absolutely on their approved MBC list and not to worry, but Scoutbook is NOT recognizing this, nor is it allowing me to change the End Date in my “Positions”…it’s grayed out. Comment states “AkelaSB_MBC_IL_Update_DupeMBCFix_092520.”


The Scoutbook DB is showing you are registered as a Merit Badge Counselor and that your listing preference is set to Council. You are registered in Norrtheastern PA Council so that is the Council where you will appear in MBC searches.

You cannot end your MBC position. This must be done by the Council via ScoutNET.

FYI - my council contacted National about my issue and they said that I must change my setting in “My Positions” myself. I tried again today and I am still receiving the pop up message. However, yesterday I was able to connect to a Scout from outside my council. Does this mean the issue is fixed and to just ignore the current setting in my account?
Thanks for all you do.


Your Listing Preference is still set to Council. This affects how you appear in the MB Counselor Search results. It does not prevent you from being connected to a Scout in another Council.

What error message are you receiving?

I’m not trying to end my MBC position. I’m trying to make sure the Scouts in Northeastern PA Council can find me as a MBC. Right now I’m only showing active in Minsi Trails Council, at least according to my “My Scouting Positions” section of Scoutbook.


Can you get me a screen shot of the MBC entry in My Positions? Your MBC position in my view of the Scoutbook DB looks correct.

Positions.pdf (213.6 KB)

@naturegirlh2o - based on what is in your capture the system removed the troop based MBC position. Does your active section show and MBC position that is active ?


Please capture the top part of My Positions from the + Add button to My Past Positions.

The DB is showing me that your MBC position is active so I need to see all of your current positions.

Prior to the 9/25/20 updates, I was showing 2 active positions as MBC (one in Minsi Trails Council, and one in Northeastern PA). However the note the system added in my now Past Position as MBC for Northeastern PA says AkelaSB_MBC_IL_Update_DupeMBCFix


It looks like you have BSA Member IDs (MID) in both Northeastern PA Council and Minsi Trails Council. This means you will have 2 Scoutbook accounts.

My suggestion is to set your Listing Preference to Any Council (worldwide) on the Scoutbook account you use then ask the council for the other MID to end your MBC position. You do not need to be registered as an MBC in multiple councils to serve Scouts in those councils.

The other alternative is you will either need 2 my.scouting.org accounts, one for each MID, or have a single my.scouting.org account with one MID listed as primary and the other as secondary. When you want to switch the SB account you log in to, first log in to my.scouting.org, go to Menu → Manage Member ID and change the MID listed as primary.