Can't view my children in dashboard or anywhere

Tried through posting this link and now the topic is locked. New Year, New Council, Old ID, Hidden Data

I should be able to see my son (lapsed membership in a Pack) and my daughter (active Scout in a girl Troop). My troop-based invite to Scoutbook has superceded my prior views and access. Please message me to troubleshoot.

Access to advancement data through the UI is dependent on membership in the appropriate unit type. Are you saying that your scouts have an active membership in that unit type, but you still cannot see their advancement? Otherwise, the history reports are your best bet.

@RobertCrume I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

Please log all the way out, then log back in again.

However, the real issue is that your parent / child relationships are under one of your secondary BSA member ID numbers. Please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the “Relationships” section, you should be listed as parent only under your primary BSA member ID number, the one ending in -054.

Thank you! I can see the “My Family” section and can access the past and current advancement of my kids.Will have the council update the parent ID field.

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