New Year, New Council, Old ID, Hidden Data

Here goes, first time help ticket. I need to know how to see my inactive child’s advancement information now that I am properly registered with my “home” council. This will require some kind of error resolution for an admin while I get an error stating my email is used by more than one account.

BACKGROUND: When my kids joined a pack in 2022 (847 in Council 571), I registered into Scoutbook using an active-at-the-time Council 061 BSA ID (Greater Colorado). My 061 ID lapsed later in 2023, and my son’s registration is now lapsed while he tries other things. My daughter bridged to T-844G in Council 571 and is registered for 2024. I registered for 2024 with T-844G, where Council 571 resurrected my years old Dallas ID.

PROBLEM: When 844 granted me basic adult access, the invite removed all traces of Pack 847 and my son’s prior Bear advancement. What actions can I take so I can see Pack history (currently missing) for my son and Troop view for my daughter (at the moment that’s all I see)?

If you see them on your dashboard, click their name > reports Cub Scout/Scouts BSA history report.

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