Can't view my children in Scoutbook

On my phone I am able to view my kids Cubscout profiles and check their advancements. When I log into my account on my computer I am only able to view my own profile, There is no option to view my children. The instructions I found online said to go to “My Dashboard” and select “Children” or “My Children” from there. There is no Dashboard option on my account.

I have already had duplicate accounts merged. I would just like to be able to view their progress on the computer as well as the phone app.

Please provide a screenshot of where you expect to see them but do not.

I don’t know where I’m supposed to see them, thats kind of the point. I have no way of viewing their profiles on the website.

It looks like you had three usernames, which I merged and kept the one you logged into today. But I don’t think that’s the issue. You need to go to and then you should be able to click my dashboard to see them under the my family section.

Thank You, Nothing I found online told me to go to scoutbook.scouting, just scoutbook. I was able to find them

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