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Good morning, Scouters!

I love the new Trained Leader Status reports that can be viewed directly on the website without having to download the report every time you want to check on one little thing. It also assures me that I’m looking at the most up-to-date information.

Is there a point when the class number will be added to the course name in the training catalog on BSA Learn Center ?

As the Health & Safety Chair, I’m tasked with informing each Scout/Leader about the courses they need to take. I can send them the list of course #s from the Trained Leader Status report; however, when they look them up in the catalog, courses are only listed by name.

Can’t the course # be added to the end of the name so folks can press and search the page for the right training? It would be so helpful and so much more efficient than having everyone cross-reference the training report with a PDF document and then cross reference that with the catalog.

I know there’s like 15+ pages to the course list, but give me access! I’d be happy to type in all the course #s after the course name just to make things easier for everybody!


@BobbiMcLure Are these reports for adults who are already registered in their position?

If so, here are some alternatives:

  1. Ask the adult leader to log in to my.scouting and click on “My Training”. Make sure the “YPT and Training Center” tab is selected on the left side (this tab should be selected by default). In the “Training Courses by Program” section, they should click on their program. For example, if they are a leader in a troop, they would click on the “Scouts BSA” button. (Please note: there are a few positions such as Chartered Org. Rep. and New Member Coordinator that are not specific to a program. For those positions, the user would click on the “Position Specific Training” button.) In the learning center, they would select and enroll in a learning plan based on their position(s).

  2. Ask the adult leader to log in to my.scouting and click on “My Training”. Select the “Requirements” tab on the left side. The requirements page will show courses taken or needed based on an adult’s registered position(s). If an adult needs to take / retake a course, they can click on the “Take Course” / “Retake Course” button to the right of the course name and number. Clicking on the button takes the user directly to the course in the learning center.

  3. If you have access to the Training Manager (at my.scouting), click on “Add/Search”, select the adult(s), then click on “Position Requirements Report”. The “Position Requirements Report” report can be exported to pdf.

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