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Changing dates on ranks and badges

Hi! When I was entering the dates for the merit badges earned at camp, I mistakenly put in the wrong date. How do I go back and edit the date for a rank or badge?

Unfortunately, you have to go into each individual scout and make the corrections there. There is not a global way to make corrections to previously entered data.

@TriciaElisara all you have to do is click on the Date next to Completed and literally change the date as needed and save

Where do I find the date? What page? How do I get there? When I click on the scout’s name on the roster I only see his ranks, not his badges.

Thanks for your help!

If by badges you mean merit badges, they’re under Advancement. If you mean awards like Recruiter, they’re under Awards.

ETA: sigh Gotta read the OP more carefully before I respond a second time. Merit badges are under Advancement.


From your Troop Roster or patrol page:

  1. Click on a Scout’s name.
  2. Click on the icon for the merit badge and it should take you directly to the merit badge for that Scout. Or you can scroll down and click on [Scout]'s Advancement, then scroll down below [Scout]'s Rank Advancement and Eagle Palms (if there are any). There is a toggle to list the merit badges by name or by date.
  3. Once on the merit badge page, click on the checkbox next to where it says “Completed”.
  4. Uncheck the “Leader Approved” and “Awarded” boxes (as applicable) and Save.
  5. Change the Date Completed, then recheck the boxes next to “Leader Approved” and Awarded" (as applicable).

Are you using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement?

Internet advancement…is that why the instructions don’t make sense with the screen I’m seeing?

Thank you!

In Internet Advancement click the Scout’s name on the Roster. On the Approved tab click the 3 dot menu to the right of the advancement then select edit. You can then edit the date and save the changes.

A help article is available at This article covers editing or removing an advancement.

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