Change displayed name from full legal name to preferred name with last name

Suggestion for improvement -

Display a persons name as preferred name with last name. Leave out the middle name.

I am a Roundtable Commissioner. My full name is displayed with the Roundtable details on every unit dashboard. I go by Doug, which I have set as my preferred name. I would like my name displayed as Doug Wright, not Douglas Gerald Wright.

I have seen a few Commissioners in my Council accomplish this same thing this year. Not all, only about 8 of them. They seem quite happy with the result. I to wondered if there was some new functionality, as I have also specified a preferred name, but still shows my full legal name on all reports. I’ve asked around, but my inquiries have not produced any results.

The correct short answer would be to contact your Council registrar…

However, I did ask those Commissioners, whose preferred names now appear the way they want, on Commissioner reports (membership cards, etc.) now.
They confirmed that they just edited their name in “My Profile” in MyScouting Tools (removed their middle name & added a shortened first name (the system allowed them to do this).

I’ll tell you what I mentioned to them, was a concern if this may cause a conflict with some other BSA functionality (CBC records, etc.). So far they have not reported or noticed any issues.

I have not edited my profile name yet, so I’ll stick with contacting your Council registrar first.