Change email

I am unable to change my email address. My.scouting has my email, but scoutbook gives me the error that my unit has a pending account. I am unaware of a pending account. Please advise. Thank you

Can you post your BSA ID? The folks from SUAC may be able to use this to look at the details of your account status.

@KristinChioma this is fixed for you

@KristinChioma we cleaned up the various SB accounts for you - put everything under
137191541 so you do not have to switch back and forth

Can you please put it all under the other ID number


That is my primary number that I use for everything. It is also where I pay my annual dues to.

Thank you for your quick response.

Can you please put it all under 127026583
That is my primary registration and number. It is where I pay my annual dues.

Thank you

OK - not sure what will happen to the new position Crew advisor when it come through - might make another account

Will this have any effect on my two my. Scouting accounts?
Can I just keep the two accounts? I don’t mind switching . Each one has different access.

no this does not effect MYST accounts

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