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Change Meeting Activity?

All, I am a brand new Den Leader, trying to figure this thing out.
My calendar was prepopulated with activities, but I want to change the order of what is being done in each meeting. I can change dates, times, locations… but I can’t change the activity (from Scouts in the Wild, to for example, Earning Your Stripes.

CAn’t do it from OG Scoutbook:

And there is no option in Scoutbook for Den Leaders.

Am I missing something?

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As far as I can tell you aren’t missing anything. The scheduling features are in beta, and they lack any sort of granular control. You can’t change what order things happen in a meeting. You can’t skip adventures (like tiger circles, which is supposed to be done at home with parents and religious leaders). You can’t skip weeks for holidays or pack meeting. You can’t tell it you aren’t devoting 2 weeks to an adventure it thinks you should, or that you need more time for one it thinks you shouldn’t.

Honestly, I set up the calendar, then immediately abandoned it and told my parents to ignore it.

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You said you can change meeting dates. Change it to the date you want it to be. The meetings will be out of order, but it’ll be functional.

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If you go to the regular Scoutbook calendar, you should see an option to hide DLE events. Then you won’t have to tell parents to ignore it.

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Thing is, that’s a nightmare. I’d have to go in and track every single meeting. I’d rather change the next six or seven meetings as I go, instead of spending two hours sitting here and changing dates by activity.

Surely I can change the activity for meeting…?

It only prepopulates 14 or so meetings. I don’t understand why that’d take two hours to change the dates to the order you plan on doing them. If you want, you could just change one at a time. Find the meeting you want to do next week, and change that you the next meeting date. Then change the one that was originally scheduled for next week to the now blank date.

Ugh, given how slow Scoutbook for Den leaders runs for me… :face_vomiting: lol

Can you advise me how to hide that calendar? I’m not seeing those options.

It doesn’t seem THAT slow to me. I’ve only used it in the test environment, though.

From your pack or den page, click “upcoming events”. It’s an active link. Click the gear and make sure your den is selected. There should be a “hide DLE events” button.

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Thank you, that worked great.

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