Change Scoutbook Login Option from Google to Username/Email

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1) Hardware: Desktop or Mobile (if mobile, please be specific)
2) Operating system
3) Browser
4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome)
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Thank you!)

I worked with my son to associate his personal Google login with Scoutbook, and initially this worked fine. Now when we try to log him in using the Sign in with Google option, he is restricted because somehow his personal Google got associated with a Google Classroom Workspace. Because of this, We cannot log him into Scoutbook, so we can’t change his login process to use just a Username or Email.

All I want to do is essentially disassociate his Google Account and set him up with a new login so he can manage his scouting activities, advancement, merit badges, etc.

Thanks for your help/guidance.

  1. Laptop computer
  2. MacOS Mojave and Windows 11
  3. Chrome and Safari
  4. Cleared cache and Incognito mode
  5. Council: Mid-Iowa Council; BSA ID: 133240569; Scoutbook ID: 2490278

@MatthewPistilli can he log into If so can he change the log in there under My Account?

No, same error there:

Can’t access this service
This service is unavailable for Google Workspace for Education users who are under 18 and children under 13 (or the age of consent in your country).

You need to call council and ask them to turn in a National ticket for it - then BSA IT can reset it

Thanks. I’ve reached out to them as well - figured I’d hit all my options. =)

Appreciate your repsonses, Donovan.

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