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Parents/leaders who can't change their email address

Hi, I have two people who are having trouble changing their email addresses (they have changeyouremail@scoutbook.org listed). I suspect I have some sort of duplicate account situation (they get a message that the email is already in use when they try to update their email after logging in with their my.scouting credentials), but I only have one account showing on the roster…

Is an account merge required or is there another way around this one?

@AndrewBurns email could be in dupe account or in Scouts account - post BSA # and we can see

Hi Donovan,sorry for the delay in getting back to you - it looks like both have two profiles linked to two different BSA numbers.

One parent is 132232359/134785043, the other is 13137859/12748394. Not sure if they need to clean something up in my.scouting first, let me know. Thanks!

@AndrewBurns these are cleaned up

Great - thanks for your help!