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I was trying to change 13633259 from an ASM to Committee Member - Training Chair and YPT Champion. I ended her role as ASM by putting today’s date in the end date but when I went to add her back as a Committee Member I can’t. I expected there to be a way to do this in Roster but can’t find it.

@ReidHollander - where and how were you trying to do this ? This is a registration thing that must be handled in MYST

They were in our Scoutbook Adult Leader roster list. I clicked on their name, then clicked on the role title, then put today’s date in the “Date Ended” field to end the role.

In the past I have been able to assign new roles to adults but it doesn’t seem I can now. Also, I don’t know what MYST is. She has always been an adult leader and has all of her training up to date, I remember being able to add adult leader roles in SB.

@ReidHollander - the change should be in

And that is a change in registered positions and in my case it would be a new application


Your Charter Org Rep (or COR delegate) can log in to, go to Roster → Position Manager and change the positions there. Since the individual is moving from ASM to Committee Member, this is a change in registration and should not be done via Scoutbook.

About 24 hours after making the change, it will be reflected in Scoutbook.


The Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) are the only ones who can change registered positions for adult leaders. This is done at my.scouting using the Position Manager.

Unit Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate can also change functional roles at my.scouting using the Position Manager.

Any changes made to positions/roles in Scoutbook are not official.

If you end all of an adult leader’s positions/roles in Scoutbook, then they will drop off the adult leader roster. For this reason, it’s usually best to add new roles in Scoutbook before ending the old ones.

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