Changing Default Roster Display in IA (both desktop and mobile)

Good Morning Scoutbook Team,

I was wondering if there was a way to change the default sort/display for the IA roster tab and make it stick? I vastly prefer the UI of the Scoutbook interface in that it default shows Dens rather than the whole roster where I then need to sort by name to find all of my scouts in a particular den, so I was wondering if there was a feature or toggle to change that? I see the “Group by Den” option in the filter menu, but that does not seem to be persistent (or even available on mobile) so that doesn’t solve my needs unfortunately.

If this isn’t an option, can we add it to the feature request backlog please?


Michael Raymond
Cubmaster, Pack 706
Heart of Virginia Council


Not currently but there are items in the backlog to improve the roster view.

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