Is there a specific role needed to be able to add events to my Den's Calendar?

Is there a specific role needed to be able to add events for my Den? When I go to the calendar for our Pack or even my Den, i not longer see the ability to create a new event - I was previously able to do this and did it often. I am hoping there is just a permission that is missing or something. Currently my position is listed as Webelos Den Leader, but my prior position was listed as Den Leader and Den Admin.

I am thinking the Admin part is what is missing now, but not 100% sure. Thanks.

Yes, Den Admin (or Unit Admin/Key 3) is the required role to be able to add things to a den calendar. One of your Unit Key 3 (CM/CC/COR), Key 3 Delegates or Scoutbook Unit Admins should be able to refresh your Den Admin role in Scoutbook.

Adding the DL role is supposed to automatically include the Den Admin role, as I understood it.

Thank you for the quick response. That is what i was thinking.

I believe our new Cub master was cleaning things up and cleaned up our roles recently which

That’s an easy fix then. As a Key 3, the CM can restore the Den Admin role.

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