Transferring a scout from one pack to another

We moved from Virginia to California a few months ago and my son is still attached to his pack in Va. I am a den leader with full access to scout book and have been unsuccessful in moving him. Other leaders in his new pack have tried and were not able to do it. I have tried to contact our previous pack and haven’t had any support. When I pull up scout book I can see he is still attached to his previous council. How can we fix this so we can put in his achievements from his new pack? Thank you

@tadlevan well moving in Scoutbook means very little. Have you registered your son in the new council

I would believe so. We’ve both been active in the new pack since March.

I see no registration under the same name? Did you fill out a Youth Application?

@tadlevan I just looked at the membership database and he is not registered in 346

He’s been in scouts since tigers, do we need to do an application for the new pack? It seems as if he’s just sitting in limbo. Thanks

You need a new application any time a new unit is joined

Ok. I’ll try to do that. I tried to log in to my.scouting and find the application but couldn’t. I’ll try in on my computer later on. I figured that was the route we were going to have to take. Thank you

@tadlevan - you may have to fill out a paper application. I do note you stated that you are a den leader ? I gather you filled out an adult application.

I never did when we moved. The cub master was able to transfer everything for me to the new pack and council. I will ask her though


I just looked at your record, you are not registered in CA, only VA. All the Cubmaster did was add you as a leader in Scoutbook which does not transfer your registration.

You need to complete an adult application in order to register in your new council.

I did find a duplicate Scoutbook account for you and a 2nd BSA Member ID (both are in VA). I will merge the Scoutbook accounts and put your 2nd BSA Member ID on your ID as a secondary Member ID.

Thank you all for all the help. I’ll get it all fixed now that we know what’s going on

@tadlevan - and CA will require more than the adult app… clearances

I understand. I’ve already done the live scan and training. I just spoke with our current cub master and apparently pack 6 in Va never put a release date in for us.

no such thing as release date

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It’s easy enough to end your Scoutbook membership in the old unit. You can put an end date on your own positions and your scout’s membership. But the big issue is your registration in the new unit.

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