Changing the start date for a "past membership" caused my connection to break

This all started trying to generate an Eagle Application for a scout. Most of the merit badges on it do not have a unit number. A post here in the forums suggested that merit badges earned before the scout was connected to scoutbook will not have a unit number. So, I went into the scout and changed their “start date” on a “past membership” to the actual date they joined the unit. When I went back into the roster, they are now disconnected. I am a troop admin and Key 3 delegate. There is no way that I should be disconnected. Now I have a life scout whose records I cannot see or access. This happened before moving a scout. The parent was able to fix it but that parent was the SM. This is a scout whose family has never connected to scoutbook so they cannot fix it for me.

First off Unit # does not matter on Eagle app for MB’s - council just verifies dates.

you can try going to unit page > Roster > click your name > click admin position > click update - that should reconnect you.

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This indicates that I still have full control.

That worked. Thank you.
I tell my youth not to leave anything blank on the Eagle Application – that just leads to questions and possible delays.
FYI – changing the start date DID cause the unit number to be filled in for all the merit badges…

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