Checklist for Unit Moving to New Charter Organization?

Our unit was "divorced’ by a Baptist church as its charter organization many years ago and it was not an easy or happy separation of assets. Our council did not provide assistance. Dedicated volunteers really struggled to make the transition to another CO go smoothly for our scouts and their families. Our unit moved to a UMM and we are now forced by the BSA-UMC agreement to find another CO. Is there a checklist for dissolution of a unit from a CO to make this process less stressful? Is there a checklist for creating to forming a new CO relationship. Again, our council is not being helpful and volunteers are growing weary.

@Lisa_MarieBass - best to contact your council concerning this.

Request was made in the past and recently. Nothing provided. Nationwide, there are units sadly dissolving and moving. There should be a checklist to help smooth the process.

It’s difficult when your local council and/or district are not providing support for units who are facing this challenge. I’m not aware of an official source for the transition steps involved. Unfortunately (IMO), the BSA changed the scope of these forums to limit them to the technical topics associated with the software only, and directed that everyone pursue program-related issues through their council. Similarly, the BSA a while ago closed the volunteer-facing support that might have allowed you to provide timely feedback to the national organization that the council was not providing the support which nationals is apparently assuming will be provided. While I can understand the thought processes that led to these decisions, I think that the aggregate results make it harder for volunteers to deliver a consistent program to the youth. I can only assume that, for situations where councils are not providing that level of support, with these forums now limited to software-related issues only, people end up in other discussion forums like or Reddit/Facebook groups trying to get recommendations.

Lisa - The publication “The Unit Roadmap” will help. I’m afraid there are no checklists for dissolution, but this one helps with the formation of new units and the process is the same when you get a new Charter Partner. You Commissioner (Unit or District) should be the one who gives you assistance.