Chicken/Egg Parent Profile says "Logged-in user does not have access to this API."

We are trying to ADD a parent email and when we try to edit their profile we get “Logged-in user does not have access to this API.”

We cannot invite them without the email being entered, we cannot enter the email with this error

Here is the URL Internet Advancement maybe the QueryString will help you?


My recommendation is to have parents create an account at my.scouting (if they do not already have one). Many parents already have a BSA member ID number and just need to connect to it when creating a my.scouting account.

When units create a Scoutbook account for parents, what usually happens is that the Scoutbook account gets created without a date of birth (DOB), which is one of the ways that duplicate / multiple BSA member numbers get created.

Parents should use their full legal name when creating an account – not a nickname. This will also reduce the odds of duplicate / multiple BSA member numbers being created.

It appears the mother is already connected to this Scout account and she has a my.scouting username. She just needs to log into Scoutbook with here existing username

Actually the mother has TWO my.scouting accounts. Have her use the username that does not resemble an email address.

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Gary/Jennifer thank you so much

The issue I fear is she will not remember her password and without an email on file she will not be able to click “forget password”

Can you tell me if the two accounts she has is one of them firstnamelastname[3DIGITS] and the other(which she should use) is just firstnamelastname[3DIGITS] ?

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving

@PatrickMaguire I have added the parent’s e-mail.

If she forgets her password, she should go to my.scouting and click on the chatbot (“Betty”) in the lower right and click on “Password Reset”.

When the chatbot asks: “Do you remember your security questions?”, she can say “No” to bypass.

Her BSA member number is: 134045387

She has also logged into both accounts within the last month

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