Clarification of Committee Member Training requirements and Course WS10

I am formally joining our troop’s Committee as Activities Chair;
Our Committee Chair believes that WS10 is still a required course,
and that it should be available online, but I have not been able to find it

I have gone to → My Training → Requirements
and WS10 Troop Committee Challenge is only listed as ‘Classroom’ while all the others are available Online

I was looking at this BSA requirements doc, which is linked from the Requirements page,

  • if you look at page 3 it looks like the Committee requirements are to take 9 (online) SCO classes, and
  • the only mention of WS10 is on page 4 as a alternate/classroom format of the SCO trainings.

However, our Committee Chair notes that his understanding is that WS10 is still the required course in addition to YPT, for any committee member

Could anyone clarify? It would be very convenient to be able to fill any requisite Committee training with 90 minutes of online coursework as opposed to tracking down and finding time for a classroom course.

Since this is a policy question, BSA wants you to ask your council personnel, not the forums. A poor rule, IMHO, but their rule nonetheless.

If you complete the online training course you will be marked as trained.

Instead of BSA professionals at the council center, may I suggest asking the unit commissioner for a referral to the district or council volunteer training committee?

You are correct.

The first couple of online modules are intended to be completed before the first meeting.

It is recommended that My Training or other Learn Center training lesson plans be done via the tools assessable via

Council committee member,
past district training committee member