Training Manager: Troop Committee with S10 now show as untrained

A number of Troop committee members who previously showed as trained suddenly appeared as untrained in the last day or two. All of them had taken S10 Troop Committee Challenge. The current course ID is WS10 Troop Committee Challenge.

I believe that S10 and WS10 are equivalent, and that their statuses should be reverted to “Trained to position.”

Thank you, we have reported this to development.

They need to be marked WS10. The most recent time S10 would mark a troop committee member as trained was from 09/01/2001 until 03/31/2009.

Can you give me some member IDs of people who took S10 between 09/01/2001 and 03/31/2009 and are not marked as trained?

Here are some member IDs. Date indicates when they took S10:
106876936 (2004)
106604699 (2004)
106130721 (2002)
113200916 (2005)
108005415 (2004)
All of these folks were marked as trained to position until a couple of days ago.

Are you looking at a particular report?

I’m looking at Training Manager’s “Trained Leader Status” report.

Thanks, we are escalating.

Any word on this issue?

I haven’t heard anything except there is no record they ever were marked as trained. Are you sure they were recorded as trained?

Yes, they were marked as trained as Troop Committee members, and then on August 31, 2022 their trained flags changed to not trained to position. I have a report from 8/30 and another from 8/31 showing the change.

The common denominator was that they had all taken Troop Committee Challenge (S10) between 2002 and 2005.

I have reached out again. The person looking into this is out until 10/10. I will see if there is someone else who can look into it.

Hello William. Sqeaky wheel here again . . . . Any news on the S10 trained status issue?

It’s still being investigated, I don’t have any other information to provide.

You can ask your council registrar to put in a ticket. It might stir things a bit.

Pleased to report that this problem is resolved. All members in my district who took S10 Troop Committee Challenge prior to its replacement by WS10 are restored to “trained” status. Thank you @WilliamNelson for your help, and @LauraBachelder at the Mecklenburg County Council office.

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