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Clarification of Unit Verification and Advancement Sync Icons

I am currently doing a full audit of our membership roster following recharter (yes, I know it is many months late, but no one did it). We had several adults and scouts drop during the recharter process that should not have been dropped.

I am looking to get a better understanding of these two icons (green check shield and red A circle). I have a scout who has both of these icons next to his name. However, if I check the official roster in my.scouting, his name doesn’t even appear on the list. What do these two icons actually mean, and when should they appear?


The green shield means that a membership (or position) has been Admin Approved

The Circle A means a Scout has been matched with the Member Manager Roster - though it is a little iffy sometimes - try going to that Scout and unapprove the membership and save then go back in and reapprove membership - see if that drops the Circle A as the Scout is not on roster

To clarify, the membership being admin approved is that it has been approved in Scoutbook and has absolutely nothing to do with the official roster or membership application.

I tried reseting the membership, and the scout is still appearing as matched.

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you can always go to the Scouts SB membership and put an end date - problem solved

@DonovanMcNeil The issue is that he was accidentally dropped during recharter and is an active member of the Pack (this happened to several Scouts and leaders). I am working on getting them reregistered. In the meantime, even though he doesn’t appear on the Member Manager Roster, he is still showing up as “matched”. I am trying to figure out why he is matched if he isn’t on the roster… Also, if he isn’t on the roster, then he shouldn’t be appearing as matched.


If he has an active membership in ANY troop, crew or ship, he will show the sync (circle A) icon. It does not indicate the Scout is matches with YOUR roster, just that the Scout is registered and thus advancement can be reported.

Is there any way to find out where he is registered? He is a Tiger Scout and shouldn’t be registered anywhere else. His father is the Den Leader, so I know he isn’t in another Pack.


Contact your registrar. Since he is a Cub Scout, the A icon will appear if he is registered in another pack. Scoutbook does not permit a Scout to be registered in a pack and any other unit type but they can be registered in multiple packs.

This is late in the year for there to still be recharter issues as most charters expire on Dec 31. When did your unit recharter?

We rechartered at the end of last year. The problem is that by the time council/national processed it, we were already in a COVID environment and no one bothered to validate it. From what I can tell, I lost two Lions and a Tiger. Hopefully I can get this straightened out soonest.

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