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Scout now shows "Not Approved" when in detail mode, but "Green Shield" in Roster View

I noticed that a Scout now shows “not approved” when in their detail view no%20green even though in the roster view, it shows green green .

It says to “edit membership to approve”. So, I tried to do that, I edited membership, the checkbox is there already%20approved , I hit update away, and it still says “not approved”.

Any thoughts?

@Matt.Johnson - go to that leadership position and check the approved box and update.

yeah I bet it is the leadership position

Thank you, thank you!

Isn’t this two bugs, though?

  1. It says “edit membership to approve” and it should have said “edit leadership to approve”
  2. There was a green check in the roster view, but not on the person view.

@Matt.Johnson - was this a scout that moved patrols ?

No, no changes. I am pretty observant, so I am guessing she was “approved” before and became “unapproved” somehow.

Can this be logged as a bug? It may be only the wrong text, but it is wrong.

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